Are you Experiencing Headache & Migraines?


Migraine Treatment

Migraine and headaches are one of the most common TMD symptoms. However, because most doctors have not been trained in neuromuscular dentistry, this link is frequently overlooked.

Unfortunately, when TMJ is misdiagnosed, headache symptoms may be dealt with through the use of prescription medications. These medications may temporarily relieve pain, but they do not address the actual cause, making them ineffective for long-term relief.

If you suffer from chronic headaches, our experienced dentist can determine whether TMJ is causing your headaches, and can provide effective headache treatment at Artisan Dental.

How TMJ/TMD Causes Headaches

Surrounding your jaw joints are an intricate network of muscles, nerves, and ligaments responsible for their movement. TMJ is the name given to any disorder that causes stress and overexertion to these joints and surrounding structures. As these parts are also connected to other muscles throughout your face, tension in one section can cause a chain reaction resulting in tension throughout the head and a resulting headache.

The trigeminal nerve is a large, complex nerve feeding sensation and function to every part of your face and is responsible for 40 percent of the total body sensation information sent to your brain. When any of the jaw’s component parts are misaligned, pressure is placed on the trigeminal nerve. This, in turn, can result in chronic and debilitating headache pain.

Unless pressure is taken off of the trigeminal nerve through muscle relaxation, these headaches cannot be avoided in the future.

Neuromuscular Dental Treatments for Migraine Headaches

TMJ treatment for headaches may require re-alignment to your bite. Dr. Kasun may accomplish this through a combination of treatments.


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