Restorative Treatment

Dental Crowns

A dental crown is a restoration fitting over the entire tooth surface, like a cap, to protects a weak tooth and prevent further damage. At Artisan Dental, we create natural-looking, durable dental crowns out of all ceramic material. Ceramic material is preferred for its longer lasting, aesthetic qualities. They have a highly attractive appearance which ensures that they compliment the rest of your teeth. Ceramic material can be matched to the exact color and shape of your teeth, and it is unlikely that anyone will notice a difference between the crown and your other teeth.

Uses of Dental Crowns

In general, dental crowns protect teeth and restore tooth structure. Some of the most common uses of dental crowns are:

  • To protect a cracked tooth
  • To restore a damaged or weakened tooth
  • To restore a severely worn tooth
  • To change the appearance of a misshapen tooth
  • As part of a dental bridge
  • To restore a tooth after a root canal
  • In combination with a dental implant

Dental crowns are an important treatment for restoring teeth and avoiding deterioration of tooth structure as well as maintaining a proper bite position and getting optimal function from your teeth.


Dental Bridges

A dental bridge is exactly what it sounds like: a bridge of dental crowns between one or more missing teeth that is used to hold an artificial tooth in the empty space. This helps prevent adjacent teeth from shifting while restoring bite tension and eliminating the unbecoming appearance of empty spaces between teeth. While there are different kinds of bridges available, Dr. Kasun and Dr. Horne will work individually with you to find the most effective solution for replacing missing teeth.


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