Teeth Whitening


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Teeth Whitening

One of the most common cosmetic dental problems people face are teeth that are stained, yellow, or discolored. Because tooth discoloration can be brought about by issues as diverse as aging and lifestyle choices, it is a problem that impacts nearly everyone at some time in their life.

Due to the ease with which teeth can stain, the over-the-counter teeth whitening industry has exploded in recent years. Sadly, most store-bought whitening kits are inconsistent at best and may even lead to significant irritation when used regularly. Oftentimes, patients find the most effective, fastest results come from professional tooth whitening performed by a dentist.

Tooth Whitening Options

Dr. Kasun offers both in-office and take-home tooth whitening options. What is best for your smile can be determined during your consultation.

For in-office whitening, Dr. Kasun will carefully apply a professional strength bleaching solution to your teeth, taking great care to avoid your gums and sensitive oral tissue. The solution is then activated with a special light, allowing it to lighten your teeth up to ten shades in as little as one hour. Dr. Kasun will supply you with a take-home kit after this treatment to enhance or help maintain results.

Our take-home kits have three distinct advantages over those purchased at a store:

  • They come with a customized application tray.
  • The bleaching solution is more powerful.
  • Your treatment is overseen by an experienced dentist.

The customized application tray is essential for consistent whitening of all of your teeth. It also helps keep bleaching solution off of your gums, which may reduce your chances of tooth sensitivity. Having your tooth whitening overseen by Dr. Kasun helps ensure both your safety and satisfaction.

During your consultation, Dr. Kasun can assess your teeth, answer any tooth whitening questions you may have, and help you determine which option will best brighten and enhance your smile.

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