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At Artisan Dental, we are dedicated to performing dentistry services that meet your dental health goals and provide you with good oral health. As part of this commitment, we participate in continuing education and incorporate new dental technologies and techniques that we find particularly beneficial to our patients.


Our Evolving Dental Technology

The technology we have incorporated into our practice is designed to increase convenience while also providing maximum safety and high-quality results. Depending on your unique needs, your treatment may include state-of-the-art technology such as:

  • Digital x-rays – using a small sensor pad that glides around your mouth to provide Dr. Kasun with extremely detailed information about your teeth and supporting bone, the process for digital x-rays is significantly more comfortable than the bite-and-hold method required for film x-rays. In addition, digital x-rays provide us with more information about your dental needs without exposing you to dangerous levels of radiation.
  • VELscope – this revolutionary hand-held device allows Dr. Kasun to detect abnormal oral tissue. By emitting a safe blue light into your mouth, the VELscope causes different fluorescence in healthy and unhealthy tissue, enabling Dr. Kasun to detect early signs of oral cancer.
  • K7 evaluation system – for the diagnosis of TMJ, the K7 system tracks mandibular function and masticatory muscle status, helping Dr. Kasun customize optimal neuromuscular dental solutions.
  • Laser dentistry – with both cosmetic and general dentistry applications, the soft tissue laser used by Dr. Kasun provides pain-free and incredibly precise treatments while simultaneously minimizing risks and reducing recovery times.
  • iTero Digital Imaging – from dental crowns to a complete smile makeovers, Dr. Kasun uses the iTero digital scanning system instead of putty and trays for more accurate and comfortable planning of your of dental restorations.

In addition to this advanced technology, our office is equipped with numerous amenities geared toward ensuring your absolute comfort. We would be happy to discuss our technology and answer any specific questions you have about your treatment during your initial consultation.

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